EYFS Assembly & Coffee Morning

Reception students celebrate their love of pets in a very special assembly.

Our Reception class took command of the stage in the Assembly Hall this morning for a high-energy and accomplished presentation.

This term, their overarching topic is pets. In front of an audience of family, friends and guardians, the girls dialled up their presentation skills and summoned up all they had learnt about looking after animals.

One by one, they stepped forward to deliver nugget after nugget of wisdom about the benefits of pets, the responsibility that comes with them, and how to properly care for them.

To illustrate their points, the students acted out a drama about a king who looked after everyone in the land, always with his trusty horse by his side. If anyone needed any assistance, all they had to do was ring a bell placed in the central marketplace.

Many years passed and the horse grew old and unfit for service. The King traded it in for a newer, younger animal but neglected his old companion. Barely able to survive much longer, the horse managed to ring the bell to ask for help and shamed the King so much that he promised to tend to the animal until the end of his days.

The moral of the story, said the girls, is that it is important to take good care of something always, not just when it’s younger or shiny and new. To finish their heartfelt assembly, they gave thanks for all the fun we have with pets and for all the love they give us.


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