projects Year 4

Year 4s make bread rolls as part of a national scheme.

In the Lent term, Thornton signed up to a national scheme that facilitates discussion between professional chefs and school children. The brainchild of The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Adopt a School Trust, the aim of this charity is to teach children about food, cookery and healthy eating.

The exciting initiative is being rolled out to our Year 4s over four hour-long sessions. In the first, they learnt about taste buds and the provenance of food.

In the second session this week, Mr Wheatley, part of the Thornton catering team, gave the girls a lesson in bread-making. Following a short discussion about the origin of wheat and its uses, the group established the four ingredients that make basic white bread; flour, yeast, salt and water.

With Mr Wheatley overseeing them – ‘it’s going to get messy’ were his words – the students then got stuck into making a dough each and working it to stretch the gluten. Once their dough balls were smooth and rounded, they let them rest for an hour to proof before shaping them into balls and baking them, ready to take home for a tasty teatime treat.  

Next time, the Year 4s will be making a salad as they learn more about food nutrition.

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