Academic Year 3

Prep School students grow their own vegetables and flowers.

Not to be thwarted by the unseasonably cold May weather, Year 3s are being the best gardeners they possibly can be.

In Science, the students are exploring how living plants grow. Mrs Olejnik is bringing the topic to life by encouraging them to get their hands dirty.

In the last days of the Lent term they planted a variety of lettuce, spinach, carrot and radish seeds in the trug outside the classroom. This week, they have been weeding their plot and thinning the seedlings that have sprung up to give them more space and light to flourish.

Inside, meanwhile, the girls have been carefully tending to the sweet peas and nasturtium they planted two weeks ago.

They will regularly feed and water their plants and record their growth in special diaries titled ‘How Does Our Garden Grow?’ Hopefully, they will be able to taste the radishes before the end of term and fill a bowlful of lettuce and spinach. The carrots will have to wait until September. 

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