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School holds its second political panel show.

Such was the success of Thornton’s inaugural Question Time in February that neither staff nor students could barely wait for Round 2. We promised Year 5 to Year 12s another afternoon of rousing debate designed to give everyone a voice and to encourage the school community to be very much part of politics and current affairs in the world in which we live.

We had the pleasure of The Right Honourable John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, as chair, acting as referee on a panel that found Mr George, Mr Taplin, Mrs Gabriel and Mrs Storey initiating discussions alongside student representatives.

From the off, commentary, controversy and counter arguments set the scene. The first debate about whether we should disband the monarchy prompted a wide expression of conflicting opinions – for and against. On the one part, we are a modern nation so should become a republic rather than wallow in the past. On the other, the royals are fantastic ambassadors and have a tremendously well-developed sense of duty.

As well as listening to the panel, we invited the audience to participate, ask questions, and have their say on important and relevant issues of the day. These included whether women make better leaders than men – is it our qualities or our gender that give us leadership?

Should marriage be for all, not just between a man and a woman, and is Jeremy Corbyn bad for democracy in the UK also came under the spotlight to be hotly debated.

‘These topics are relevant now,’ Director of Sixth Form Mr Bowman said. ‘This is your world, your life, and you should get involved and have your say.'

Thornton is now looking forward to holding its own snap General Election on 8th June.





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