Co-curricular News

Students design their own buildings for Milton Keynes competition.

The Year 5 to Year 11s participating in The Missing Building Project are eating, breathing and sleeping architecture at the moment as they start to give a 3D form to a variety of buildings they are designing from scratch.

Under the guidance of Mr Taplin and with the hands-on assistance of Mrs White and trained architect Mrs Luddington, a cross-section of Thornton students have entered a competition to reimagine an undeveloped site in central Milton Keynes. 

The brief is to plan and design a brand-new building to be sited in a plot outside Xscape. It can serve any purpose, imagined, or real. Our students, for example, are working on concepts such as a swimming pool surrounded by a butterfly village, a giant glass dome, and a place where teenagers can relax and study.

Entrants are tasked with planning, drawing and presenting their ideas within the constraints of a standard supermarket cardboard box. Angela Brady OBE will be judging the finished designs in school before half-term. The winners from different Key Stages will then go forward to external judging on 3rd June against other local primary and secondary schools.

Their models will be exhibited in MK Gallery throughout the month of June.




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