Academic Year 6

Prep students explore the natural world.

Year 6 students have begun a brand-new topic in their Friday morning Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) classes, which combine History and Geography with French.

They are now taking an in-depth look at the natural environment, identifying mountains and rivers and researching weather patterns and the geography across a variety of terrains.

After discussing terrestrial habitats, including forests, grasslands, deserts and forests, Mrs Ferreira Thornton introduced an element of drama towards the end of the lesson to recap – in a visual way – the preceding content.

She called out a type of environment in French and the girls showed they understood the word with actions rather than voices. Moving on, she tasked them with not only performing a visual interpretation of a mountain for example but also combining it with a weather phrase.

As a result, the girls acted out complete sentences such as ‘dans le desert il fait chaud’ and ‘dans la toundra il fait mauvais,’ augmenting their understanding in a fun and approachable manner.

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