Academic Year 5

Year 5s emulate the work of British landscape artist, Andy Goldsworthy.


Art classes for Year 5s this term have begun with an examination of the work of British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy.

The Scottish-based artist has won an OBE for his sculptures and land art and is renowned for using natural products such as leaves, stones and twigs in his installations.

To give the girls a hands-on feel for this type of work, Mr Taplin distributed pebbles and stones among the class and asked students to build their own mini installations on their desks.

They talked about the shapes they could make, circles, triangles or teardrops for example, and they soon figured out how to build their patterns up to become three-dimensional and how to make them bolder by filling in gaps to cover the paper base entirely.

Now they have become more comfortable with this type of fleeting art form, the next step is for the students to work in groups and prepare to build giant installations using only natural materials in the school grounds.



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