Misc Year 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4 learn about pyramids in a hands-on workshop.

Prep School students have enjoyed a master class in how to build a pyramid in a fitting conclusion to their Creative Curriculum topic on Ancient Egypt.

Mrs Luddington, who is an architect, kindly hosted a hands-on session in the Assembly Hall during which the Years 3 and 4 gained an insight the ancient art of layering stones, one by one, into a pyramid structure. Sometimes, they found out, the blocks would be as long as 10 metres, the same size of the school stage, and taller than a grown-up.

To help them imagine lifting and moving thousands of them, probably by using logs to roll them along the ground, some of the girls volunteered to play the part of the logs. Guided by Emma, acting as architect, they successfully moved a long block from one side of the room to the other to demonstrate the principle.

Our visitor explained how these pyramids would have been covered in beautiful marble and engraved with pictures and symbols telling stories. Inside, they would be filled with all the objects the pharoahs needed in their afterlife and there would be lots of secret tunnels.

The girls also got the opportunity to build their own mini structures from just six sticks and four rubber bands each. When they had finished, they assembled them all together to create one huge pyramid, which is now residing beneath the stairs in the Prep department.


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