Academic Senior School

Thornton launches virtual library.

The school is in the process of rolling out a new online site to students that enables them to easily exchange views on the books they’re reading and the authors that inspire them.

Mrs Barnes has introduced Reading Cloud to Years 7, 8 and 9 and there are plans to register other Senior years in forthcoming weeks.

The site can be accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone and just about any place where there’s an Internet connection. Bespoke to Thornton, it holds our entire school library catalogue, which makes it possible to see the books we have, what’s in stock and what’s on loan.

Students can log on, create their own avatar if they wish, and see the books they have out on loan. The English department is encouraging users to submit book reviews and blog about what they are currently reading.

The Reading Cloud database is completely secure but it extends beyond the stock of Thornton library. Students, and staff, can browse thousands of books and authors, fiction and non-fiction, and hear about featured authors and Mrs Barnes’ book of the week. There are videos to watch and excellent features that recommend books based on previous tastes and age groups.


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