Academic Year 9

Year 9s work on wire sculptures of the human form.

Over the past several weeks, Year 9s have been learning the basic principles of life drawing. Early on, they drew their classmates in a classroom setting dressed in school uniform.

Mrs White also took the lesson outside to the quad and encouraged the students to think carefully about proportions and the central line running through a figure while they drew each other in slim-fitting clothes to see their body shapes more clearly and gain a better appreciation of the human form.

Last week, the girls looked at two artists – Rachel Ducker and Robin Wight – who work with metal figure shapes. It prepared them for this week’s task: to create basic figures from wire.

Always considering proportions and central lines, they worked on wrapping wire, layer by layer, to build up a three-dimensional figure. Moving forward, the class is keen to progress to stop-frame animation using these wire figures.


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