Academic Year 5

Year 5s design and make mirrors in Design And Technology.

Mrs Crawford is taking her Year 5 class through the different steps in product design with the aim of creating little pocket mirrors.

To begin the term-long project, the students conducted online research to fuel them with ideas of the sort of images and shapes they would like for their creation.

Some chose food (donuts proved popular) while others went for animals, both real and imaginary, such as unicorns. They also had the option to select pictures from nature or simply plump for geometric shapes.

After narrowing down the selection, the girls drew their ideas and made paper designs, stipulating where their mirror would sit within the product and how the back of the final piece would look compared to the front. They cut paper templates, used them to cut felt pieces, and drew decorations on the fabric with paint sticks, glitter glue and sequins.

Their next task will be to glue the mirror to the fabric and stitch their shapes together to end up with a little mirror, just perfect for any Year 5’s pocket. 

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