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Year 6 students share their love of literature with Pre-Prep.

We all know that reading aloud to a child gives them a head start in so many ways – it increases their attention span, improves their listening skills, and gives them exposure to a new lexicon of words and ideas.

With this in mind, Mrs Barnes is actively encouraging shared reading opportunities between different year groups in Pre Prep and Prep.

During her Year 6’s weekly reading lesson in the library, she asked the girls to pick out a selection of books that might appeal to Reception and Year 1 students. The Year 6s spent a few minutes thinking about questions and discussions that they might have about the books before sitting down with the younger girls and reading aloud to them.

It proved to be a win-win situation with all participants utilising their reading and listening skills as well as whetting their appetites for new stories and adventures within the pages of a book.




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