Years 5 & 6 Misc

Years 5 and 6 participate in a workshop about emotions.

Prep students have been given advice on how to handle their emotions in a special workshop run by Mrs Bean, Thornton’s Head of Emotional Wellbeing, together with Mrs Wheatle.

Our wellbeing staff talked about feelings and how best to understand them as they asked the girls to discuss different emotions and pinpoint the ones with which they could identify.

It is important not to be ashamed of having feelings, they explained. What counts is how we show them in ways that are helpful rather than hurtful.

In a group activity, students discussed how they could let out their emotions and the positive ways in which they could express anger.

Perhaps they could punch a cushion or squeeze a stress ball when they are feeling cross or frustrated rather than ignore their feelings or hurt someone else. The staff also offered tips on how to support a friend who might be struggling, such as never being critical and always keeping a balance.


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