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Catering team wakes up Year 4s’ tongues with a taste test.

Vases blooming with daffodils and tables dressed in white cloth set the scene for another of Thornton’s brand-new initiatives – a culinary master class for Year 4 students.

When the girls arrived in the Dining Room in aprons and chefs’ hats, Mrs Pollard and Mr Wheatley from the school’s catering team invited them to take part in a taste and sensory session.

Each girl tasted jam, crisps, bread, lemon and chicory in turn before marking on a diagram whereabouts on their tongue they could taste the food best and they tried to single out the different flavours of coffee, vanilla and ginger in a jelly. Miss Marum also participated in a sensory test while blindfolded. Could she identify a vegetable such as a butternut squash by touch and smell alone?

Our caterers talked to the students about food hygiene and the provenance of food. We should be drinking six to eight cups of water a day, they added, and balancing the food we eat from different food groups to both fuel and repair our bodies on a daily basis.

This exciting initiative is being rolled out to Year 4s over four hour-long sessions thanks to our catering team which has become part of a nationwide campaign instigated by The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Adopt a School Trust. This national charity delivers holistic food education in schools and is designed to help children understand the link between health, food and the environment.

Next time, the Year 4s will be making a salad before moving on to bread-making and table etiquette in subsequent sessions.


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