Senior School School Event

Students in Years 7 and 8 discuss how to discriminate less and respect more.

Every term, Thornton welcomes representatives from Milton Keynes Bridgebuilder Trust into school to host workshop-style retreats with our students. This week, they unwrapped the themes of discrimination and respect with Year 7s and Year 8s, getting the girls to consider the definition of both terms and sparking dialogue on how to discriminate less and respect more.

Both year groups had a half day each to talk about types of discrimination, such as racism, sexism and cyberbullying. Working in groups, the students became newsreaders as they reported on real-life cases, a shop assistant with a prosthetic arm not being allowed to work with customers, for example, and women being forced to wear high heels for work.

The girls wrote down their ideas on how we can combat prejudice and change our perspectives and they made a list of values by which we need to live in order to respect the wishes, feelings and rights of others. They finished by creating paper flowers with some of these values outlined on the petals.

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