Year 10 Academic

GCSE students experiment with plaster relief techniques.

Year 10s are picking up many new skills as they navigate their way through the Art GCSE course. They’ve explored traditional painting and also print-making with collagraphy. Now, they have moved onto the sculptural discipline and they are creating semi three-dimensional paintings by using plaster and building up layers in their work.

The students drew inspiration from themes in their sketch books – anything from the environment to sea life and the human form. Their recent visit to the University of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum also gave them fresh ideas.

They can take the project in their own direction as they build up to their final GSCE year. The girls will be able to leave their plaster relief in white or perhaps add colour, and they have had the option of giving their art greater texture with fabric or ragged palette knife markings.

After Easter, they will be able to move on to the next stage – taking their image to 3D form through clay.





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