Academic EYFS

Reception class gets cosy with Little Miss Muffet’s spider.

Mrs Thomas is continuing the topic of ‘Nursery Rhymes’ in Reception this week. Again, the Jolly Postman delivered a letter to the post box in the classroom with clues leading the girls to guess that they would be turning their attention to Little Miss Muffet.

After reading the nursery rhyme, the girls learnt an abundance of fascinating facts about spiders. For example, did you know they belong to the arachnid family and that they have light-blue blood and no bones? Armed with this knowledge, the girls decided that spiders were not really as scary as they originally thought and they were pleased to create their own spider webs using lots of glitter on black paper.

They also followed instructions to make a paper plate spider using just hand prints and long lengths of wool which they threaded from one side of a plate to another to create a realistic-looking web. It was great preparation for the girls’ sewing project which is coming up and it also gave them the opportunity to look for opposites while threading.

Students will be creating their own mini-books to retell the story of Little Miss Muffet before the end of the week.

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