Academic Year 3

Prep School students employ their Maths skills for day-to-day shopping.


Mrs Olejnik is bridging the gap between classroom Maths and Maths in everyday life by setting up a shop in school.

To help the Year 3s become more comfortable with adding and subtracting at any time and in any place, she has created a souvenir shop in a corner of the classroom. The girls have been taking it in turns to sell and buy Egyptian souvenirs (neatly tying in with their Creative Curriculum topic on Ancient Egypt).

Playing the part of both shopkeeper and customer, they’ve been deciding what to spend a set amount of money on, counting out the correct payment and giving back the right change. 

The students have also used recent shopping lists to help with money matters. They’ve all brought in a receipt from home and have been working out which is the cheapest and which is the most expensive item on their list – again to integrate Maths into life beyond the school gates. 

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