Academic projects

Year 6s learn about Queen Victoria in CLIL lessons.

In their Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons, Year 6s have been digging into the life and times of the Victorians. As Mrs Ferreira-Thornton has led the girls through events in the 19th century, they’ve been picking up key words and phrases in French to stretch their knowledge of a modern language as well as a historical period.   

To date, the class has focused on Princess Victoria and the lead-up to her reign as queen. This week, they recapped on what they now know about her with some role-playing exercises. One team instructed the other to act out scenes from Victoria’s childhood – a lesson with a private tutor for example, and free time playing with toys – before the other team had the opportunity to do the same.  

Not only have the girls looked at the childhood of the princess, but they’ve found out about the early days of Victorian children in general, both rich and poor.

Each student is now putting the finishing touches to a project on the Victorians, which can be presenting in any which way they choose. The stakes are high – the best one will win the Year 6 History prize this year!



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