Year 1 & 2 Academic

Years 1 and 2 build on their knowledge of castles.

Students in Years 1 and 2 are as eager as ever to time travel back hundreds of years as they cover even more ground on castles, their Creative Curriculum topic this term.

Over the past few weeks, the girls have been looking at the different features of a castle before creating their own mini strongholds from card. As you can see, they’ve covered everything from turrets to drawbridges and they’ve even made little princesses and jesters to live in them.

The students have also focused on the people who would traditionally live within these fortified walls – pages, squires and knights in particular.

Mrs Mathieson encouraged her students to imagine themselves, at just seven years old, as knights in training. Over the next 14 years they would learn how to use a sword and a bow and arrow, how to hunt and wrestle and how to dress in armour.

The girls considered how best to write general statements on the life of a knight before putting pen to paper and cataloguing the on-the-job training they would have to complete.




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