Academic Year 12

A Level biologists investigate gas exchange in humans.

In the past term, Year 12 Biology students have been investigating gas exchange surfaces in fish, plant leaves and insects, in particular looking at the significance of surface areas and volume ratios.

It is now time for them to learn about the human respiratory system in greater detail. In a practical lesson, Mr Matanda unveiled the heart and lungs of a sheep and demonstrated how to dissect both organs. By doing so, the girls were able to look at the structure of the heart and cardiac muscle and also explore the purpose of the valves and the role of the coronary artery.

After talking about the mechanism of breathing, the class followed instructions on how to make a fake lung using just a plastic bottle, balloons, straws and plasticine. They used these models to then work out what happens to different parts of the body when we are breathing in and out.




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