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A Year 8 team of roving reporters record their observations from St Claudine’s Day.


Ria M, Harriet H, Amelia V, Odema S, Karis H and Rachel M write about how Thornton transformed St Claudine’s Feast Day into a Service Day.

On St Claudine’s Day, Mrs Darwin organised everyone to do service to raise money for homeless shelters. We were allocated special jobs to do – housekeeping, maintenance, car washing and sports for the Year 8s. The Ethos Team and Form Captain Representative took photos of the progress people made; they also interviewed staff and children doing the jobs.

One team – Tara, Katie, Kezi, Emma, Megan, Melissa, Annabelle, Alina, Lucy and Ines – helped the housekeeping staff.  The girls said: ‘It is fun because they never do it at home, it is lot of cleaning in a day for the cleaning staff; it is hard work as well.' Everyone had a good time housekeeping and it was very satisfying making the bedrooms clean.

The maintenance team consisted of teachers and mostly younger children but the Year 8s also supervised the younger children while they were cleaning the playgrounds. They swept away leaves, cleaned the field and picked up litter.

Celina, Sophie, Catherine, Isabelle, Caitlyn, Ayanda, Charlotte P, Charlotte l and Matilde made up the car washing team. Teachers donated money for their cars to be washed. The pupils used soap and water to wash the cars and it went very well. The cars were very clean and the car washing team should be proud of themselves.

Georgie, Iggy, Francesca, Sadie, Isabella, Gurleen, Miss Hickman and Mrs Lewis also came together to clean the sports hall. While pupils cleaned out the sports cupboard – a very hard job – the teachers re-inflated some of the netballs. The pupils came up with a creative plan to get the job done faster! Instead of picking up netballs and walking them outside to a pile, they made the process a lot faster by throwing the netballs to each other, therefore practising their netball skills and making the job more fun! Some pupils even found some unopened sports equipment hidden away the corners of the sports cupboards, this equipment will no doubt be used in the future at Thornton College.

All in all, the girls did a great service!









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