Year 9 Misc

Thornton equips Year 9s with valuable communication tools.

Since the start of the academic year, Thornton has been rolling out a series of workshops to furnish students with indispensable communication and coping tools that will help them navigate their way through their teenage years and beyond.

Already, Years 7 to 10 have explored their feelings during the school’s very first Emotional Wellbeing Day in October 2016. Thornton’s Head of Emotional Wellbeing Mrs Bean, along with Matron, also discussed stress and anxiety issues with Years 11 and 12 in December.

This week, they focused on Year 9s. During a day-long session which included quizzes, role-play and group feedback, they encouraged the girls to think about what makes a healthy relationship. What was the difference between taking control and being controlling, they asked, and how could teenagers build friendships based on awareness, balance and choices.

Mrs Bean now has plans to organise a workshop about feeling with students in the Prep School in March and to introduce lunchtime forums as well. 

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