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Year 8 Visit to Radlet Reform Synagogue

Our guide, Karin, at the Reform Synagogue in Radlet, was extremely well organised and very welcoming.  We saw the synagogue itself and the variety of important objects in it.  Although we had learned about the Ark and the Ner Tamid (eternal light) in class, it was good to see them in a real synagogue.

Everyone was given the opportunity to try on the Tallith (prayer shawl) and the Kippah (skull cap) and we also tried our hand at writing our names in Hebrew!  We learned how to handle the Torah scrolls, how to read using a yad (pointer) and we learned a little about the community of Jews, who worship in this building.

Halfway through the morning we had a break and enjoyed trying  some of the elements of the Shabbat meal, (we all tried a piece of the special plaited challah loaf and some grape juice) and one of the synagogue's two rabbis came to say hello.  Rabbi Celia spoke to us about her life and her role. We had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and we did!

After a kosher packed lunch, (no ham sandwiches this time!), in the hall of the synagogue, we set off back to school. In a very short time we had learned a lot about the Jewish community, their history, their life and their faith. Mr Ngwenya and Mrs Holmes hope that everyone remembers all the details for their exam after Christmas!

Mrs Holmes

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