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Year 7s and Year 10 Art GCSE students view art in Oxford.

During an education visit to the Ashmolean Museum, Thornton girls not only gained inspiration from the art around them, but the exhibits helped them gain a greater understanding of the process of painting, especially the art of layering oils.

In particular, they became more familiar with how crude certain masterpieces can be close-up. ‘Its’ about depth and perspective,’ says Mrs White. ‘You only get the full impact of some paintings when you stand back to view them.’ This knowledge has since stood the girls in good stead as they’ve made great progress with their own oil paintings in Art classes.

Year 10’s Maddie B describes the day below:

Recently, all the Year 7s and all the Art students in Year 10 went on an art trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. We were split into groups for the duration of the day to observe the artwork. I was in a group with Mrs White and all the Year 10s who are doing Fine Art. 

We started by looking through the Renaissance paintings which were beautiful and captured their deep religious theme perfectly. We them moved onto European paintings which were also splendid. However, I did notice that they were more anatomically accurate.

Once we had taken a quick look around, we were instructed to make sketches of what we saw. I completed two small sketches. One was sections from a marble statue and the other was of a marvellous yet terrifying sculpture of Lucifer. We also observed different paintings to benefit our learning.

At the moment, we are studying oil paintings and seeing them in real life is much more effective than seeing pictures on paper as you can look at the techniques in extreme detail and get an accurate sense of how the artist worked. The drawing from real-life observation is also beneficial as it teaches us to work faster while maintaining accuracy.

Overall, the trip was very educational and a great experience. I would love to go back at some point to look around as there was plenty I would have liked to have seen and I am sure many of the other students would agree with me.





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