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Year 7s trial new digital message board called Padlet.

Every month, Mr Cooper is introducing a new app to staff and students to facilitate learning and communication. The most recent tool is Padlet, which is a really simple ‘wall’ on which members can post almost anything. It allows classes to share ideas and interact with each other. They can use it for online discussions during learning, brainstorming and storyboarding, for example.

Year 7s trialled it during a lesson about castles. With their devices at the ready, the girls used the ‘wall’ to post notes in real-time about what they had learnt to date about how castles developed and how they were fortified.

At any point during the class, students could contribute a new and interesting fact for all to view both on their devices and on the screen at the front of the classroom. By the time the bell rang, they had amassed plenty of pertinent information on the topic, ready to be used for review and revision.










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