Academic Year 7

Year 7 students put their own spin on the bard’s comedy.

In their English lessons over the past few weeks, Year 7s have been dissecting some of William Shakespeare’s most famous comedies. Beginning with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Miss Arratoon focused on specific sections of the script and showed her class a televised excerpt of the end of the play (at the palace of Theseus) to give students a taste of how to deliver the lines to best effect.

Moving on, the girls’ task was to work in groups and make a note of things they liked and things they would do differently if they were in charge of staging the drama. The challenge was to make it their own.

Taking an active approach, they had to edit sections of the script and imprint it with their revised words and ideas. They had carte blanche to either keep the language as it was in the 16th century or modernise it. So too could they add extra humour and props. Once finished, the girls valiantly played out their dramas and their peers responded with constructive feedback.  

The Year 7s will also be looking at Twelfth Night and The Taming of the Shrew in forthcoming weeks – it’s great preparation for next year when they begin to study a Shakespeare play in its entirety.








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