Academic Year 8

Year 8s embark on their first attempt at perspective drawing.

Mr Taplin has been teaching Senior students how to create simple single-point and two-point perspective drawings to make their art appear more realistic and to also expose them to GCSE-level work.

They mastered the first technique by marking one vanishing point and drawing guidelines from each corner of a shape to this point. To advance to a two-point perspective, they learnt how to use two vanishing points, connected by a horizontal line. In this way, they were able to portray a three-dimensional cube on paper and progress to drawing a series of 3D boxes in different places, both above and below their starting line.

The next phase saw the girls become even more ambitious. After examining the lines an artist used to create every single angle on the image of a cathedral, some of the class embarked on the task of drawing their own church or cathedral in perspective. Others, meanwhile, started to apply their new skill to bubble writing, always picking a vanishing point and always linking every single corner to create an appearance of depth.





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