Year 10 Year 12

Senior students explore relationships with married couples.

The Year 10 and the Year 12 Religious Education syllabus focuses, in part, on the qualities that make a marriage work (or not work) and what is implied in the marriage vows.

To give students a greater understanding of the subject, Mrs Holmes invited the Student Exploring Marriage Trust to talk to these two year groups about relationships and what makes them tick.

The educational charity organises workshops between married couples and young people in schools to discuss the inter-personal skills that produce lasting relationships and strong family lives. The guests began by asking the girls to think about the things they believe make a marriage work – qualities such as trust, love and honesty, and the pupils also listed their hopes and fears for a marriage.    

Students then took the floor as they were invited to ask any questions they wished about the couples’ own particular relationships – infidelity, bringing up children and financial issues, for example.


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