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Lots of topics up for discussion between Mrs Storey and School Council representatives.

Our regular School Council meetings are a fantastic opportunity for elected students from each year group to meet with Mrs Storey. Over a buffet lunch in the Conference Room, they discuss everyday issues and introduce a range of ideas to develop the school even further. This week, the meeting touched upon sports and sporting facilities, the Friends Café, plus rewards and sanctions.

Mr Britton already runs a successful Football Club for Year 9 to 12 students on Fridays after school. Girls lower down the school, however, requested the formation of another to meet their needs. Years 5 and 6 expressed particular interest in this potential new co-curricular activity. To their delight, they also learnt that the long jump is being developed and that the use of floodlights for the courts is being investigated.

On a different note, Senior School pupils expressed how keen they were to frequent the new Friends Cafe. Mrs Storey clarified that Year 11s are now able to use it at Little Break on Mondays and Fridays. After Christmas, that privilege will be extended and they will be able to enjoy their breaks there every day. Next year, also, the café is being extended. All parents are welcome to use it in the mornings and from 2.15pm. It’s also open Saturday mornings for sports matches at home.

Finally, the distribution of yellow and green cards raised its head. When should teachers issue them? To this, Mrs Storey announced that she would invite Year Heads and Prep Heads to the next Council Meeting to discuss rewards and sanctions and to also talk about introducing treats for the top green card achievers.



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