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Landslide victory for Clinton!

All-girls school votes in first female President in American history in its very own special US Election Day. The votes have been cast and verified and the Thornton community has overwhelmingly given its support to Democratic heavyweight Hillary Clinton as incoming US president.

In Thornton’s version of Election Day, we invited staff, parents and all forms, from Reception through to Year 12, to vote for the next leader of the free world. A massive 88 per cent opted for Clinton. Her opponent, Donald Trump, struggled to reach double figures with just 12 per cent.

The result came as no surprise in the wake of a fierce lunchtime debate in the school’s Assembly Hall. Clinton (aka Mrs Storey) championed womens’ rights. ‘I am a mother and grandmother and you young women are the future,’ she announced to an audience up on its feet. 'Trump,' she continued ‘is a man who treats women as second class citizens.’

Trump (a wig-topped Mr Bowman), by contrast, bigged up his wealth to get the girls on his side with the declaration: ‘I have more money than anyone here in this room. I will make America great again.’

The debate formed part of the special occasion to give Thornton students an inside view of the American Election experience. Each form represented a state, with larger forms representing those states with more weight, and all pupils got the chance to cast their vote in a ballot box in Central Hall. CNN and BBC News played throughout the day in Reception giving up-to-date news on the election. Cookies and Stars and Stripes cupcakes were also served at lunchtime.





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