Year 6 Academic

Year 6s create healthy-eating menus.

In Science, Year 6 girls have begun a new module on healthy eating. Last term, they looked at the digestive system and now they are picking apart the calorific value of the foods we eat.

To begin, students talked through the different food groups and how important it is to obtain the correct amount of nutrients for our bodies to stay healthy by striking the right balance between the carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, fats and proteins we eat on a day-to-day basis.

A ten-year-old girl should be eating up to 1,900 calories a day. With this as a starting point, Mrs Hall asked the pupils to work in small groups and devise a healthy menu. She gave them booklets detailing the nutritional value of lots of different foods to help them make informed choices about what to include for a starter, main course and pudding.

Their task was to not only produce a sample meal, but to come up with the name and logo for a new restaurant and then present their idea to the rest of their classmates (potential investors).

‘It’s not about designing a meal with the lowest number of calories,’ said Mrs Hall as a word of advice. ‘It’s more about how healthy and how balanced a meal you can create.’




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