Academic Year 9

Senior students explore the theme of disguise in their Art lessons.


‘Portraiture in Disguise’ is the newest project for Year 9 students in Art. To introduce the theme in a fun and captivating way, Mrs White invited the girls to disguise themselves in any way, shape or form.

She distributed a collection of random objects around the class – veils, hats, scarves and cloaks among them – and asked the pupils to use these props to alter their appearance to partly conceal their identity.

They took a series of snapshots in the school grounds, coming up with as many disguises as they could, before moving back inside to examine the images and begin to replicate them on paper.

Over the next few lessons some students will produce realistic drawings of what they see, says Mrs White, while others will create more abstract images, playing with different colours, tones and patterns.

The year group will also draw inspiration from artists who have produced self-portraits from the 16th century through to the present day.



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