Academic Prep Yrs 3 & 4

Prep students create commemorative artwork ahead of Thornton’s centenary celebrations next year.


Creative Curriculum lessons have seen Years 3 and 4 begin a new project and complete an existing one.

The girls have been working on watercolours of the church at the front of school since before the half-term break. This week, they added finer details to their paintings using thick and thin brushstrokes.

Mrs Olejnik urged them to pick out the different colours in the church steps, for example, by adding different shades of colour. Perhaps they could depict the lead in the windows by using a thin black pen, too, and maybe they could use a small brush to highlight hinges and keyholes?

At the same time, other students began designing a commemorative paper plate to show what Thornton College means to them in the run-up to the school’s centenary in 2017. They had to explain their choices in their Learning Journey books, describe the ways in which they had been creative, and consider whether their illustrations had been clearly presented.




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