Academic Misc

Students learn about fireworks safety and explore light and dark.

In the build-up to Guy Fawkes Night, Mrs Thomas has organised a host of fireworks-themed activities for the girls in Reception class.

They began their exciting week by talking about fireworks safety before listening to Handel’s fire music and looking at images of fireworks and watching video clips of fireworks displays. This prompted the children to think about the different words to use to describe the noise of a firework – they came up with the likes of ‘bang’, ‘clap’, ‘boom’ and ‘pom’.

Later, they created vibrant fireworks by printing with pipe cleaners bent into sparkler-like shapes and adding colour with chalk, crayons and pearlescent paint.

The girls have also enjoyed playing in their makeshift ‘dark den’ where they’ve been exploring the concepts of light and dark by reading books by torchlight under the cover of darkness.





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