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Staff and students remember the people they’ve loved and lost in a special service.

All Saints’ Day is a very special holy day in the Catholic church calendar. Celebrated annually on the first day of November, it is dedicated to the saints who have reached heaven.  

In an assembly this morning to mark the occasion, Thornton staff and students had the opportunity to remember all the people who have lived and died and made an impact on their own lives. ‘Today, we think about all the people who have gone before us and who we have loved,’ said Mrs Darwin, ‘and to remember that they are still with us.’

Leading up to November, all school members were encouraged to write the names of people they would like to remember on purple cards – these will be made into a book and placed at the front of the chapel throughout the remainder of the month.

Before lighting candles in memory of the departed, Mrs Darwin also told a story to illustrate how happy memories can counteract the sadness of a death.

It featured Badger, a dependable character, always willing to lend a helping paw but also very much aware that he was very old and would soon die. He was worried about how his friends would feel when he was gone so he told them that soon he would be going down a long tunnel.

One evening, he fell asleep after supper and had the most amazing dream in which he was running and tumbling towards a long tunnel, feeling as if he had escaped from his body. The next morning, his friends learnt that he had died and they were very sad through the winter months. When spring arrived, however, they began to share their memories of Badger and realised how happy they were that they had known him.









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