Academic Senior School

Seniors trial competitive quizzing games on smartphones and tablets.

Thornton’s Director of Digital Learning and Academic Enrichment, Mr Cooper, is making technology work in the classroom with the introduction of a new interactive learning game on the Kahoot! Platform.

The game is played on tablets and smartphones and consists of multiple choice questions on any topic and for any ability. It’s projected at the front of the classroom and played by the whole class together in real-time, with the students answering on their own or shared personal devices.

The App has already been employed extensively across many subjects in Senior School lessons. In A Level Sociology, Mr Meredith used it to assess his student’s knowledge on social research methods, covering everything from triangulation to positivists and representative sampling.

In History, Mr Cooper’s Year 8 students enjoyed being tested on Henry VIII via smartphones and iPads with a few minutes’ quiz topping and tailing the lesson. Students scored 61 per cent at the start of the class in a multi-choice question and answer session. Repeating the Kahoot!-based exercise at the end, however, brought their scores up to 79 per cent.

‘This is a fun way to introduce the App,’ says Mr Cooper. ‘Gradually, we will introduce more serious content and use it to assess students’ progress. It’s a good diagnostic way of seeing how they are grasping topics.’










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