School Trip Year 1 & 2

Years 1 and 2 travel back in time at local museum.

This week, students in Years 1 and 2 visited Milton Keynes Museum as part of a Creative Curriculum topic to introduce them to the concept of the past.

Our purpose was to learn all about how people lived a long time ago when there was no electricity. The museum is an old house which has been laid out as it would have been in Victorian times. Our guides were dressed in Victorian costume. One of them, Mrs Hastings, set the scene when she lit the oil lamp in the parlour and little faces looked up at her and listened with rapt attention as she took us on a journey back in time. 

There were many high spots on our tour. The Victorian classroom was a favourite; the children sat at desks and wrote on slates, they heard that Victorian teachers were very strict and the children may have had the cane if they were naughty.

We went to the laundry where we all had a go at wringing out the wet clothes.  In the kitchen we learnt that bread was cooked on a kitchen range. The important people ate the ‘upper crust’ and the servants ate the sooty bottom. Yuk! Every part of the pig was eaten even its toes – this news was accompanied by loud squeals of horror.  We learnt a great deal about ‘Life in the Past’ and we came away understanding how hard life had been for the Victorians.

Report by Mrs Mathieson





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