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Thornton celebrates this year’s Harvest.

Harvest Thanksgiving this week saw the whole school come together in true celebratory style. The first main event of the school year is very important to use here at Thornton as we give thanks for all that we have that is good.

And celebrate we did with a bounty of food produce and joyful singing from every year group, beginning with a rousing performance from Reception and Nursery children as they sang What Have You Brought for Harvest Time? and finishing with a beautiful rendition of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by the Year 7 choir.

‘We count ourselves to be extremely fortunate here at Thornton to be surrounded by such natural beauty,’ said Mrs Holmes. ‘Harvest is a time to celebrate enduring nature; seasons come and go but always the earth provides.’

She asked the audience to think about those who work on the land and how good it is to be reminded of where our food originates. Years 3 and 4 Harvest Rock and Roll and a Year 10 drama based on the idea of the food chain both served to reinforce this message.

After a performance of Perfect Day by the Years 5 and 6 choir, we were reminded that for many people there is no such thing as a perfect world. At Harvest we face a choice – do we look inwards or can we become open-hearted and open-minded and share God’s gifts between us all?

There is a lot of need on our doorstep, said our guest speaker, Mr Marshall from Milton Keynes Food Bank, as he thanked Thornton for reaching out to a community in need. We all need to be determined to make a difference to other people’s lives, he added. Performances by the Chamber Choir and the Years 8 and 9 choir reiterated this missive as the girls sang about both resilience and support.

Thank you to the families who supported their children at the service and who also provided so much food produce, all of which will be distributed to local people who are struggling to put food on their table.  


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