Nursery & Reception Class Academic

Reception girls celebrate the food grown on the land.

A pumpkin is the star of the show in Reception class this week. The girls are finding out what harvest means and how we celebrate successful harvests through prayer, song and festivals.  

To begin the subject, Mrs Thomas brought a huge pumpkin into school and encouraged the girls to make predictions about its weight and content – was it heavy or light? – and what might be inside. After cutting the giant fruit open, she asked the children to calculate the number of seeds present (the girls will count them later in the week). Then came the fun part – getting stuck in and feeling the inside of the pumpkin, used lots of describing words such as ‘seedy’, ‘gooey’, ‘slippery’ and ‘slimy’ in the process.

Following on, the girls read the story Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper and a harvest prayer together. They also focused on farmers, learning how they are at the beginning of the food chain and how they help us put food on the table at harvest time. 

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