Assembly & Coffee Morning Year 4

Prep students explore family trees.

In a special assembly in front of their families and the rest of the Prep School, our Year 4s not only highlighted the importance of family but also demonstrated how well-informed and interested they were in their own and other people’s family trees.

Linking with their topic on ‘people’ they began by sharing all they had learnt about two very important figures since the beginning of term. In September, we celebrated the hundredth anniversary of Roald Dahl. With this as the starting point, the girls explored the storyteller’s life and times and talked of how he dedicated his favourite children's book, The BFG, to the memory of his daughter, Olivia, who died in childhood. The girls also looked at Jesus’s family tree and recounted the story of his family through interesting stories peppered with song and mime.

Looking inwards, the students also made reference to the research they had carried out on their own family trees, unearthing interesting facts about their ancestors, many of whom took part in World War One and Two. While digging around in their pasts they even found out that Miss Marum has a great great aunt buried in the churchyard at the front of the school!

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