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Senior students attend in-school workshop about handling their feelings and emotions.

As a school we are very much aware that an emotionally stable child will be a successful child – it’s not just about academic excellence.  To instil some emotional excellence into students, we instigated our very first Emotional Wellbeing Day for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Mrs Bean has been working with Thornton as Head of Emotional Wellbeing since April 2016. Once a week she comes into school and students are invited to discuss any concerns with her on a one-to-one and confidential basis. Today, she took this practise another step down the line by gathering the students together for a morning or afternoon workshop.

The girls talked about how hard it can be to describe a feeling and they also worked through a series of exercises to help them identify feelings and learn how to handle their emotions and become better at supporting friends.

During the session, the groups filled in workbooks and brainstormed the many positive ways of countering negativity – reading or exercise, for example, or simply doing their make-up or talking to animals.  

Feelings are a part of who we are, they learnt, and it’s important not to be ashamed of them. What counts is what we do with them and how we can show our feelings in ways that are helpful to both ourselves and others.




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