Junior & Senior General

Thornton gets behind the annual celebration of poetry and all things poetical.

This year held on 6th October, National Poetry Day is a Forward Arts Foundation initiative to promote the enjoyment, discovery and sharing of poetry to as wide an audience as possible.

Not to miss some literary merrymaking, Senior School students embraced the event. Mrs Gabriel’s 9C class watched a clip from the film Cast Away featuring Tom Hanks before working on a lyrical ‘message in a bottle’. With the sound of crashing waves in their ears to set the scene, they brainstormed words, thoughts and ideas together before splitting into smaller groups to produce a poetic response to the dilemma of being stranded on a desert island.  

Similarly, Miss Arratoon and her Year 9s used the theme of ‘messages’ as a stimulus in class, first exploring many different types of messages – tweets, post-it notes, telegrams and letters for example – before writing their own messages.

Mrs Newman’s Year 7s shared their favourite poems aloud to their peers. The whole year group has been studying poetry this half-term and National Poetry Day tied in neatly with the topic. Recitals of The Ant and Me by Rex Miller to Talking Turkeys (Benjamin Zephaniah) and Ken Nesbitt’s Nicknames introduced the students to many new forms and styles.  

In much the same way, Prep School students spent some time sharing their favourite poems, too. After performing everything from revolting rhymes to traditional classics, the girls discussed what they liked about their chosen verse – whether it be the rhyme, the vocabulary or the fact that they were just fun and silly! The teachers also encouraged their classes to pick up a poem as part of their everyday reading routine and practise performing in front of friends and family.



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