Whole School Assembly General

Representatives from Milton Keynes Food Bank talk to students about how hunger is not just a third world problem.

In the week before Thornton’s Harvest Festival, we invited representatives from Milton Keynes Food Bank to school to talk about the work the charity does and how we can provide support and donations.

During a whole-school assembly, our guests, John and Caitlin, thanked staff and pupils for the tremendous year-round support Thornton gives the local Food Bank and they talked about where our Harvest contributions go. ‘Our world is very local. We’re helping the hungry and the despairing in Milton Keynes when they’re in trouble,’ they said, adding that the most wanted items are biscuits, cereals and tinned vegetables, plus toiletries.

The charity relies entirely on donations of food and money from local schools and organisations with every single item or penny making a difference. Last year, the Food Bank distributed 13,000 food parcels in Milton Keynes alone.







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