Academic Year 5

Year 5s investigate the art of a good narrative.

Miss Ross has been inviting her Year 5 students to take a closer look at story openers and use their imaginations to come up with exciting ways to start their tales with a zing.  

To get the ball rolling, the girls took it in turns to act out a number of adverbs such as ‘laughing’ and ‘exploring happily’ to their classmates. After guessing the right ‘doing’ word, students then worked in groups to explore different pairs of sentence starters.

What sort of story might begin with ‘Once upon a time’ and ‘Long ago in a faraway land’ for example? And could the girls figure out the type of tale that could open with ‘In the distance was a furry, brown bear’ and ‘A lean cat, a mean cat’?

The exercise was a means of encouraging students to consider interesting sentence starters for their written assignments. In Literacy, they have also been looking at traditional tales from other cultures and the girls will be working on their fluency in storytelling by retelling the Chinese version of Cinderella in small groups in their next lesson.


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