Sport Year 11

Senior students prepare to take Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership.

Our Year 11 students have been putting in their final practices and fine-tuning their leadership skills, ready to demonstrate all they have learnt to merit a Sports Leadership award.

At Thornton, the girls start working towards the nationally-recognised qualification in Year 9. Our PE teachers guide them through the process of planning and organising any number of sports activities and the students work on their communication and teamwork skills.  

‘It’s not necessarily about being sporty,’ says Miss Bates. ‘It’s about developing confidence in communicating to a group and learning how to organise both equipment and other people. You can learn lots of skills from taking part in this.’

When they reach Year 11, the girls are deemed ready to lead their peers in fitness-related activities. Currently, they’re organising treasure hunts and team-based obstacle courses for each other. This prepares them for the final stage in the qualification – showcasing how well they can lead Prep School pupils in a sports session for at least 60 minutes. Their skills will be put to the test before the end of the Michaelmas term.







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