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Representatives from the Gideons International offer bibles to our Year 7s and new Senior School students.

We were delighted to welcome local representatives from Gideons International into school this morning to talk about the bible and its relevance in today’s society and distribute copies to Year 7 girls and other new Senior School starters.

The Gideons have been active in the UK since 1948. Locally, their members visit senior schools, hospitals, care home and prisons in Buckinghamshire to offer copies of the tome. Eight billion bibles have been sold and distributed worldwide, they explained to students, compared to 150 million copies of Lord of the Rings and around 100 million Harry Potters.

It is one of the oldest books ever written, but really helpful for contemporary day-to-day life. The girls’ copies are written in modern English and they feature a help section at the front, dealing with issues such as bullying, friendship and death. The idea is for students to keep them and refer to them throughout their school days, and beyond. 

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