Misc Year 7

Year 7s get their teeth into the first of their health topics this year in Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education lessons (PSHE).

Year 7 students are beginning Senior School by looking at a number of health topics. Next week, they’ll be covering personal hygiene. Before that, though, the spotlight has been on teeth.

Mrs Dixon, one of the school nurses, instructed the girls how to brush their teeth properly, while Mrs Lewis offered them a plaque disclosing tablet to show up both new and old plaque. After brushing their teeth, the girls chewed on the purple tablet before examining their mouths in the mirror.

If their teeth were ‘temporarily’ stained blue, they were harbouring plaque that was at least 12 hours old. Pink dye signalled new plaque that had not been successfully removed from that very morning.

The exercise helped the students identify areas of their teeth that they had missed, pointing to trouble spots to focus on when next brushing and showing how effectively they tended to remove plaque from their teeth.


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