Year 8 Sport

Year 8s monitor their heart rates over a succession of fitness training sessions.

Hitting the right heart rate zone to ensure an effective workout has been the focus for the Year 8 students during their PE lessons this week.

For the girls’ bodies to benefit from exercise they’ve come to realise that they need to get their heart rate high – working at more than 100 beats per minute (bpm).

The average resting heart rate is 60bpm said Miss Bates before instructing the students to aim for a heart rate of 124bpm during exercise for them to be able to develop basic endurance and aerobic capacity.

The girls measured their resting heart rate before undergoing three different exercises. In the ’interval’ session, their task was to run, then jog, then sprint, then walk (alternating between heavy bouts of fast running and recovery periods). In the ‘continuous’ session they had to sustain their aerobic activity. The ‘fartlek’ session, meanwhile, blended continuous training with interval training.

Before and after each bout of activity, the girls measured their heart beat to ensure they were reaching and working within the right zone to boost their fitness levels.




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