Prep Yrs 3 & 4 Academic

Students explore the history of Thornton College to chime with the school’s centenary celebrations.

Creative Curriculum classes this week for Year 3 and Year 4 students have combined art and design with map work. Thornton College celebrates its 100-year milestone in 2017 so it seems a fitting time to explore the history of the school and its environs, looking back to its beginnings and learning about the British values that lie at its heart.

The girls rotated between three activities to get to grips with the topic. In one class, they designed and drew a new coat of arms for the three school Houses – Ingleton, Cavendish and Tyrell.

In another session, they worked on individual watercolours. With Mrs Olejnik, the pupils wandered around the school site to be inspired and they also studied pictures of the grounds and buildings. They then experimented with colours with their brand-new watercolour palettes to convey the idea of stone walls – the church or main school building – or the green of the grounds. This week, they’ve been working on background washes for their sketches and the girls will gradually build up their paintings over forthcoming weeks.

A third group of students, meanwhile, engaged in some detective mapwork. Miss Marum asked them to work in groups and examine two photographs of the school grounds and a map of the area, deducing which was the oldest and which the most recent and giving their reasons as to why they came to this conclusion. The task led them to build up an aerial view of the village of Thornton and plot the different features of the school such as the sports field, the front door and the church. 

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